About Us

Sankina Aquaculture Sdn Bhd was founded since 2011.

Our farm business is located in Tawau, Sabah state, south-east region Borneo Island, surrounded by tropical rain forests and south-pacific ocean. Rich with natural resources and where thousands of marine animal resides. Our geographical advantage allows us to culture healthy Vannamei prawns and many other fish species.

From shrimp culture farming to frozen processing plant, with hundreds of well trained staff members, we are determined and dedicated to supply sustainable quality fresh Vannamei prawns and frozen seafood products worldwide.

Our Mission

In Sankina, we strongly believe in quality and sustainability.

We are focused in producing responsibly farmed seafood by protecting wetland, mangrove habitats and reducing pollution around our farms.

By working strategically with our partners and customers, Sankina is committed to make positive changes in aquaculture practices that benefit local communities, company stakeholders and the environment.

Company Video 1

Live Sabah cultured shrimps harvested from farm to processing plant. Frozen semi-IQF Head On Vannamei Prawn Products.

Company Video 2

Live vannamei prawns harvested from pond to processing plant. Frozen vacuum packed Peeled and Deveined shrimp meat products, made in Malaysia.

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